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NADINE FERNANDEZ Reflexology for Reigate, Redhill, Dorking and Brockham, Surrey

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Reflexology and Maternity Reflexology at Reigate Natural Health in Central Reigate, Surrey. In easy reach of Dorking, Brockham and Redhill.

Deeply Therapeutic 90 minute and 60 minute Reflexology Treatments At The Beautiful Holistic Clinic, Reigate Natural Health. Supporting Women and Men Through Everyday Life, Including The Menopause.

Feet are so small, yet so big from my reflexologist point of view - so reflective of the Emotions, the Physical body, Chi energy. I have been practicing this wonderful holistic therapy for 30 years. Your Reflexology treatment is very much centred around how you are feeling when you come to see me on the day, the information you have given me in the medical/lifestyle form and what I feel and respond to while therapeutically giving you Reflexology, working with you intuitively, energetically and physically.

I am delighted to offer two different lengths of Reflexology treatments at the Clinic.
I offer a 90 minute Reflexology Treatment, which has very much become my ‘signature’ treatment. It allows more time for working especially deeply and therapeutically with my clients. I offer a 60 minute treatment, which is a more ‘traditional’ length of time for a Reflexology treatment and may suit some people better time wise.

Its a joy and honour to be the Reflexologist at the beautiful holistic clinic of the excellent Acupuncturist and Herbalist Samantha Hamilton Stent. Welcoming people wishing for the very first time to discover how reflexology may help them or seeking it out, already familiar with its wonderful benefits.

Reflexology Can Feel Both Deeply Physical and Gently Energetic

Please feel free to contact me by email or by phone should you have any questions or wish to chat anything in particular through with me.

Reflexology - Replenishing - Soothing - Supporting

Booking Your Appointment At Reigate Natural Health.

This beautiful clinic is situated in central Reigate at Suite 1, Ground Floor, Alma House, Alma Road, Reigate, Surrey RH2 0AX You can book your appointment online Reigate Natural Health or by calling the clinic on 01737240792.

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Reflexology, Chi, Releasing and Letting Go.

As a reflexologist I work holistically and my intention is to support and encourage people of all ages to feel emotionally and physically better in themselves. The process often begins by encouraging the diaphragm to relax and release. A wonderful starting point as we so often hold a lot of tension in this area. This encourages deeper breathing and a wonderful way to start the therapeutic relaxation process. Also the Solar plexus reflex is a very helpful reflex at the start of a treatment as it’s understood by reflexologists to be very calming and emotionally therapeutic. It’s a reflex I love to show people how to use on themselves, by showing the related point to them on their hands.

From Ancient Chinese medicine there is an understanding that everyone has a vital life force flowing through known as Chi/Qi. The belief is when the Chi/Energy is flowing fluently throughout, one is able to feel most vital and at ones best. This I believe is very relevant to a reflexology treatment.

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Reflexology for Stress, Anxiety, Low Mood and the Mind, Emotions and Body Connection.

We can often feel ‘in our head’ and separate from our body, especially when feeling stressed. The mind can become very busy and at times it can be very difficult to switch off. Reflexology aims to relax the mind and the body, ‘unite’ them and encourage a sense of ‘wholeness’.

People often comment on how Reflexology can be helpful in reducing their feelings of anxiety. There are reflex points that are especially good for encouraging a more peaceful state and the holistic nature of the treatment works towards this.

People often find reflexology helpful when they are feeling low in mood. The combination of having someone to talk to and the effects of the treatment itself can be really helpful. Sometimes people don’t feel like talking about how they are feeling and it’s not necessary to, as the reflexologist will work with what they pick up and feel, while giving a treatment.

When someone is going through an emotionally painful time, for example, losing a loved one, Reflexology can be helpful, due to its relaxing, supportive and soothing intentions and it’s purpose to help harmonise the mind, body and emotions, appreciating how much they are interconnected. Certain organs are understood to hold particular emotions from a reflexologists point of view and the treatment is often guided by this.

Having experience as a reflexologist working along side psychotherapists, specialists in emotional and mental wellbeing, it is very apparent to me how reflexology complements their work so well.

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Reflexology Supporting You Through Changes, Transition, The Menopause.

Sometimes we need a helping hand when going through changes in our lives. Some changes can feel especially overwhelming both physically and emotionally. Reflexology can play a helpful part.

Fortunately the Menopause is being spoken about more and more openly these days and women are less likely to suffer in silence. Woman’s hour on radio 4 devoted a week to women talking about and sharing their personal experiences. This can be found on the Woman’s Hour podcast. Some women glide through the transition with ease. However many women find themselves on a hormonal rollercoaster with a variety of symptoms which can at times feel/be totally overwhelming. On a psychological level a woman who has felt on the whole on an even keel can unexpectedly find herself for no apparent life changing reason, feeling very low in mood. Women who have previously felt socially confident suddenly find themselves uncharacteristically ill at ease in social situations. These are some examples of how it can effect women in their day to day lives. Some women experience hot flushes, night sweats, sleep disturbances and just don’t get enough sleep due to the fluctuating hormones. Not enough sleep in itself effects how one feels and how one copes with day to day life. This transition can also bring up thoughts about fertility as a woman approaches this new stage of womanhood and a woman may at times feel mournful during this process. It is so important to talk to other women. More often then not, shared experiences will sound familiar and it’s helpful to have the reassurance that you are not alone and it’s the HORMONES and not necessarily the new you. The new you will eventually be just around the corner and when you arrive there you may find yourself rejoicing and embracing the next stage of womanhood!

I support many women going through this transition. My intentions as a reflexologist are to encourage energy flow by deeply relaxing the areas that are holding on, calm the areas that need soothing, encourage the release of feel good hormones and work with what you present me with.

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Maternity Reflexology, Pre Natal and Post Natal.

Maternity Reflexology therapeutically supports women throughout their pregnancy, through the three trimesters, on both a physical and emotional level. There are many changes taking place at this extraordinary, shape shifting time and each trimester often presents differently, with different symptoms. It can be smooth, it can be up and down, it can be uncomfortable, it can be joyful. Sometimes the first trimester for a woman is incredibly emotional, sometimes compared to PMT on overdrive unsurprisingly with all the rapid hormonal changes taking place to develop the baby. So much is going on! There can be nausea, extreme exhaustion for example. The body is so busy! Following on there may be a lot of energy. Towards the due date the belly is getting bigger and bigger and different challenges may come along. Each pregnancy is a personal experience and reflexology is there to do it’s best to therapeutically support and address what you may need.

Post Natal Reflexology.
When the baby has arrived it’s understandably so difficult for a mother to find time for herself. Often too exhausted to even contemplate it.
Finding a way to put some Me time aside for mind and body and having a reflexology treatment won’t be regretted though!

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