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Some suggestions for Revitalising, Replenishing, Soothing, Supporting Your Mind, Body and Emotions.

Ideas. Nature 2

Movement/Movement Meditation/The Power of Nature

Movement is so important for Wellbeing, in Lockdown (many wonderful classes have gone online) and when in our ‘normal’. Whether it be dancing to your favourite music, 5 Rhythms, exercise classes, yoga classes, running, running on the spot.....whatever resonates with you....moving our bodies helps us to release feel good chemicals, stimulate our circulation....... and that’s the least it can do.
Sometimes you may be feeling tired and ‘stagnant’ and the very thought of exercise sounds exhausting.... much more often then not,
making the decision not to listen to that thought and doing some form of movement instead, you will find yourself feeling gladly energised and more positive.
I highly recommend 5 Rhythms and Open Floor classes with Sarah Davies, which she is currently offering online. So good for Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. You can find a link on my Links page to her website.

Nature can have a profoundly positive effect on our Wellbeing. Going for a brisk walk, meandering walk, maybe stopping still and soaking in all that’s around us ......the trees, the smells, the textures........

Ideas. Healing

Self Massage- Feet and Hands

Massaging your own hands and feet can be so beneficial. After experiencing reflexology people often become especially aware of their feet and have a sense of certain reflex points and how helpful it can be to self massage them through, easing out tensions and encouraging energy flow.
So good to take some time following a shower or bath to massage your feet with some cream you love and possibly add an essential oil you are familiar with, possibly lavender for added relaxation. Feel through your feet for tightness and focus on massaging it through and releasing it. If it feels comfortable it may feel good to spread your toes and pull your fingers through and then massage down the top ‘webs’ of your feet. Also smoothly move your knuckles along the bottom of your feet from the heel up to your toes, and remember those all important arches.
There’s a Foot Map on the ‘Links’ page giving an idea as to how the reflexes are mapped out and correspond to the body.

There’s one particular point which I would like to share here as it’s relatively easy to locate.....The Solar Plexus point on the hand.....this point often has a very relaxing effect.....it may encourage deeper breathing and a sense of letting go. Cup one hand and find a dip and with the other hand press into/hold the area and maybe close your eyes and take deep breathes.......

There are some free Association of Reflexologists self help Videos which are really worth checking out, focusing on working the reflexes within the hands.
If you google Association of Reflexologists self help hand Reflexology Videos, videos for Mood Improvement and for Stress and Tension will come up. Further more you will also see The Association of Reflexologists has a link to On Demand Videos For Non Members.

Ideas. Biscuits


Wholesome Biscuits.

What a joy it has been to create a biscuit and find room for it to change depending on the ingredients around and the mood of the moment!
If there is such a thing as a healthy biscuit, I think these deserve the title! Especially as there is plenty of room for play and the recipe can be adapted to suit the individuals eating it and their particular health needs/choices. The ones above are made from porridge oats, raisins, grated apples, gluten free plain flour, coconut sugar, cinnamon and a butter/sunflower blend spread. I have made many versions with a variety of different ingredients but always oats and raisins being the nucleus, dates could happily replace the raisins ....with coconut flour, bananas, orange juice, or added sweetness from agave syrup, fructose or stevia. It’s actually not necessary to add any sweet addition such as coconut sugar etc as there is plenty of sweetness in the core ingredients whether it be apples and raisins, bananas and raisins etc
Up to now I have just put things together without measuring at all, but have weighed/measured ingredients for the batch above so I could share more helpfully and give a guideline. There’s plenty of room for movement.

Wholesome Apple And Raisin Oat Biscuits

6oz of porridge oats
3oz of raisins
2 grated apples
1 tsp of cinnamon
1 and half oz of Doves Gluten Free Plain Flour
2tbs Coconut sugar
1oz butter/sunflower spread

Mix all the ingredients together and then mould the mixture with your hands into individual biscuits and place on a greased tray. I made 13 biscuits and a mini biscuit out of the above ingredients!
Put in a pre heated oven. I used a fan oven and cooked them at 200 for 15 minutes.
Buon appetito!

Ideas. Book Recommendations

Book Recommendations for Wellbeing

Soupologie By Stephen Argent
(Described on its cover as ‘Plant-Based, Gluten-Free Soups To Heal, Cleanse & Energise)

I stumbled on this book online while looking for a birthday present and then had to treat myself as well!
Each recipe has a description of the benefits of the ingredients used. Making soups in all seasons is a wonderful way to nourish oneself and others. This book has a wonderful collection of inspiring recipes and is visually beautiful too.
Soups are divided into sections by their colours.
The first soup I tried is called ‘Purple Soup’, the first in the purple section. The main ingredients being Beetroot, Red Cabbage, Caramelised Onions(by cooking and releasing the natural sugars)and dried cranberries. Scrumptious hot and cold and feels like it’s doing one good.

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