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NADINE FERNANDEZ Reflexology for Reigate, Redhill, Dorking and Brockham, Surrey

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Reflexology Treatments At Reigate Natural Health - Replenish, Energise, Soothe, Support. Encouraging Your Energy to Flow with Fluidity.


90 minute Reflexology Treatments and 60 minute Reflexology Treatments

Feet are so small, yet are so big from my reflexologist point of view - so reflective of the Emotions, the Physical body, Chi energy. The treatment is very much centred around how you are feeling when you come and see me on the day, the information you have given me in the medical/lifestyle form and what I feel and respond to while therapeutically giving you Reflexology, working intuitively, energetically and physically with you.

The treatment is carried out using a perfectly textured cream especially created for the purpose of Reflexology. Bringing the treatment to a close I will massage into your feet and calves a smooth lotion which will have been combined with an essential oil/oils chosen for you. I will explain to you what you may experience following your treatment and also may have some helpful suggestions for you to take away.

People often ask how regularly they should have Reflexology and there’s not one clear answer to this. It’s very individual and can also depend very much on on why you are having it. One treatment alone can make a big difference due to it’s deeply holistic way of easing out stresses, harmonising and encouraging energy to flow with fluidity. After a treatment one can feel so much lighter in being and feel much has shifted. At times life can be especially difficult, emotionally, physically, mentally for a variety of reasons and having more regular supportive treatments may be what one needs. For some people Reflexology is a self care treat to be put in the diary and look forward to, knowing it will make a positive difference in their busy lives.

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that works harmoniously along side conventional medicine and very much hand in hand with other Mind and Bodywork therapies such as Acupuncture, Acupressure, Shiatsu and Massage. Furthermore it is also works excellently as a Complementary therapy for people that are finding support in the talk therapy disciplines.

I am delighted to offer two different lengths of Reflexology Treatments at the Clinic.
I offer a 90 minute Reflexology Treatment, which has very much become my ‘signature’ treatment. It allows more time for working especially deeply and therapeutically with my clients. I offer a 60 minute Reflexology Treatment, which is a more ‘traditional’ length of time for a treatment and may suit some people better time wise.

I very much look forward to welcoming you at Reigate Natural Health Clinic, a beautiful oasis in central Reigate, founded by the excellent Acupuncturist and Herbalist Samantha Hamilton Stent.

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Clinic - Reigate Natural Health - Appointments and Fees.

60 minute Reflexology Treatment - £65

90 minute Reflexology Treatment - £85


60 minute Reflexology Treatment - London - £85 

90 minute Reflexology Treatment - London - £105 


First appointments : please come 5 minutes early to fill in a form and please allow for an extra 15 minutes on top of your Reflexology Treatment.

You may book your appointment online Reigate Natural Health or by telephoning the clinic on 01737240792.

Should you have any questions, wish to chat something in particular through with me, please feel free to contact me directly via this website.

"Nadine has been my reflexologist for over twenty years. She is simply the best! Professional, sensitive and caring as well as highly skilled. She keeps my body in balance and I cannot recommend her highly enough." - Jean Marks



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