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Reflexology And Its Roots

Modern Reflexology’s roots go thousands of years back in time. There is evidence of forms of hand and foot reflexology reaching far back to ancient China and Egypt. An example of evidence from ancient Egypt is beautifully depicted on the walls of the physician Ankmahor’s tomb, dating back to around 2500BC.(see above)

Reflexology is also known as Zone therapy. In reflexology Zone is a word to describe an energetic pathway. In Acupuncture there are meridians. In reflexology there are zones. And this is one way of showing how Reflexology overlaps with Acupuncture, Acupressure, Shiatsu, all having in common the intention to encourage Chi/Qi to flow at its most fluid and optimum by therapeutically working on the pathways.

A Foot Reflexologist works on the principle that the whole body/person is physically, emotionally, energetically reflected in the feet.

Reflexology as we know it today was introduced to the west over a hundred years ago.

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